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Several Servals Celebrate Construction Completion

And YOU are invited!

May 15, 2019

This is your purr-sonal invitation to join us Wednesday, June 12, at 9:45 AM for the grand opening of our new serval habitat. The project was made possible by the Roop family. The Refuge opens at 9 AM, and we encourage you to arrive no later than 9:30 AM. Standard admission rates apply.

Work on the project began this winter, almost immediately after the grand opening of the updated bear habitats. Our animal care and maintenance teams battled unpredictable weather, from ice and snow to torrential downpours of rain, as well as delays on materials and unplanned instances that required a shift in priorities. With just a few finishing touches remaining, we are excited to release our five serval residents into their new space!

The enclosure spans 6,500 square feet. Much like tigers, servals are a species of water-loving felines so we’ve provided them with a pool to keep them splish-splashing all summer long. When it’s time for the chilly winter weather that African cats disfavor, they can cuddle up and keep warm in their spacious heated building. We incorporated natural rock and wood features in order to fabricate benches for rest and hollows for privacy.

As we continue to use our resources to fight back against the Exotic Pet Trade epidemic, we live day to day knowing that at any second, the phone could ring with a call that will lead us to an animal or multiple animals who need our help. We keep this in mind as we erect our enclosures; they need to be specific enough to meet the needs of the animal residents currently residing in them but versatile enough to accommodate someone else. This habitat could safely and comfortably house multiple small cats, such as leopards or cougars, or a single large animal, such as a lion or tiger. If the day comes when the servals need to be relocated, perhaps to Rescue Ridge many years down the line when they’ve aged, then we will have no problem adapting their former enclosure for a different species.

We can’t wait to watch our serval residents take the first steps with their tiny paws into their forever home and are elated to share this special day with you. Please visit our website if you have any questions regarding your visit to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Explore this page to learn more about our serval residents.

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