Legacy Giving

A Legacy of Commitment

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is not just a sanctuary; it’s a beacon of hope, a haven for animals in need of a second chance. Yet, its mission extends far beyond mere rescue; it’s about providing a forever home where animals can thrive, heal, and live out their days.

Supporters of TCWR are the heart and soul of achieving this mission each and every day. Your generosity fuels the sanctuary’s vital work, enabling it to rescue and care for animals, provide top-notch veterinary care, and offer educational programs that impact the world. But there’s a profound way supporters can leave a lasting legacy and ensure this mission continues for generations to come – by including the sanctuary in their wills.

Leaving a bequest to the Refuge is more than a financial decision; it’s a testament to one’s commitment to rescuing animals. And, perhaps most importantly, leaving a gift in your will to Turpentine Creek is a powerful statement of hope. It’s a declaration that, despite the challenges facing animals today, there is still reason to believe in a brighter future.

Get Your FreeWill

Creating a will can be a complicated and costly legal process. As our Legacy Giving program continues to build, ensuring a strong future for animal rescue at Turpentine Creek, we have decided to give back to our supporters. Through our partnership with the FreeWill platform, our supporters can enjoy an easy, simple, and free process of creating their wills.

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Already have a will?

If you already have a will, you can join our Legacy Giving program, deciding to leave a portion of your estate to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

To arrange Legacy Giving for Turpentine Creek, you must contact your attorney and give them the following information:

Official Business Name: Turpentine Creek Foundation Inc. DBA Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

FEIN #: 71-0721742

Address: 239 Turpentine Creek Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Phone Number: 479-253-5841

Website: www.tcwr.org

President: Tanya Smith

Vice President: Scott Smith

Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda Smith

Get Your FreeWill

Do not worry about the legal and financial costs of creating your own personalized will. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has partnered with the FreeWill platform to help our supporters make this process as simple as possible.