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Support with Every Purchase

We’ve partnered with popular organizations to make it easy for you to contribute to our mission.

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Shop With a Purpose

About to make a purchase? Check out the gift shop for animal gear that supports our mission.

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Adoptions & Sponsorships

Donate in honor of your favorite animals and help Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge provide lifetime homes for exotic felines and bears in need.

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When you become a member, you do not just become part of our pride, but you are able to enjoy discounts, exclusive updates, and other amenities at the Refuge.


Lifelong Care

We have partnered with big corporations to help fund our daily activities and to provide life long care for the animals at the Refuge.

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NEW for 2023: Roar Box

A new TCWR swag subscription membership that brings you surprise products from the refuge every month.

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Big Cat Call Out

A special announcement or special message can be created just for you!

Witness Protection

We work with law enforcement and government officials to provide immediate rescue for big cats nationwide, and those animals need extra care.

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Enrichment Donations

Please help enrich the lives of our animal residents by donating an enrichment toy.

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Memorial Sponsorships

TCWR offers Memorial Opportunities, onsite at the Refuge, to ensure that your continuous support will forever remain part of our mission.

FreeWill | Legacy Giving

Through the FreeWill platform or by joining our Legacy Giving program, you can continue to help Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge rescue animals and ensure that all of the present and future rescued animals will be able to live rich, safe, and peaceful lives here.

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