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Kite Fest Breaks Records

Kite Fest Broke Attendance Record

March 30, 2016

2016 Kite Festival-0245“Art with an Altitude” Kite Fest was a massive success this year! We were lucky and had the most wonderful weather the day of Kite Fest. Visitors arrived at Turpentine Creek to slightly cloudy blue skies, 70-degree temperature, and a strong –but not too strong- breeze. The wonderful weather allowed us to break our own personal record of attendance and overall success of Kite Fest.

Families enjoyed a day filled with fun activities, kites, and bonding. Kids enjoyed making their own kites, parents enjoyed teaching their children the proper way to fly a kite, and some people enjoyed showing off their big, beautiful, special kites.

2016 Kite Festival-3462The only ‘downfall’ of the event is that we were just not expecting so many people! We sold out of food by 2pm and our Easter Egg hunt was over in an instant when the 300 eggs, which we had prepared beforehand, were gone! But since this was our first Easter Egg hunt, during Kite Fest, we know for next time to triple –if not quadruple- the egg numbers for next year.

We are so very thankful for the people who attended and made Kit Fest amazing! Mark your calendars for next year, because Kite Fest is only going to get bigger and better as we continue!

April Fundraising Events

Chuffed about April Fundraising Events

March 29, 2016

Cats at the Castle

Donna-9465Join us for our fifth annual Cats at the Castle event on April 23rd at Castle Rogues Manor in Beaver, AR. This event continues to grow in popularity. Patron-Party tickets sold only a day after they were available to the public! Spend an evening with like-minded people who love big cats and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge just as much as you do! Talk to animal care staff and find out all about your favorite animal. Bid on donations and help support the animals.

In addition to this amazing event, Tigers in America will be attending and have offered to do a 50% match on all donations of $200 or more made during the event!

The “Mane” event starts at 7pm and tickets are only $110.00 per person. Enjoy the full bar, open seating, food stations with a wide variety of tasty treats, silent and live auctions, and music by Brick Fields. All of this at an amazing venue. Castle Rogues Manor is a uniquely beautiful setting.

Click Here To Purchase Your “Mane” Event Tickets for $110 Per Person

Arkansas Gives Day

BamBam-7126If you cannot make it to Turpentine Creek on April 23rd but still want to help the animals, we also invite you to join us on April 7th from 8am-8pm CT for Arkansas Gives Day. This is an online day of giving to your favorite Arkansas-based Non-profit.Your money will go farther when you join us on Arkansas Gives Day. The organization that is hosting the fundraising event is offering prizes and bonus dollars to the charities who participate.

Your money will go farther when you join us on Arkansas Gives Day. The organization that is hosting the fundraising event is offering prizes and bonus dollars to the charities who participate.

Our goal for Arkansas Gives Day is to raise money to help purchase the needed equipment for the Vet Hospital. Donations given on Arkansas Gives Day will go towards the purchase of

A portable Floor Surgery Light ($3,350), Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope ($726) Donated, Centrifuge ($395), Stethoscope ($232), Blood Tube Rocker ($221), and a Mayo Instrument Stand ($96). Making our grand total fundraising goal for Arkansas Gives Day $5,020.

Donations can be made on April 7th at a minimum donation of $25 is required.

Click Here To Donate on April 7th Arkansas Gives Day Turpentine Creek Page

We hope you can join us for either or both of these amazing events. We can only do, what we do, with your help. Thank you to our amazing supporters!

Vet Hospital Matching Grant

Wishlist Update and $13,000 Matching Grant

untitled-2361March 27, 2016

The vet hospital is days away from being completed but we still have a long way to go on our wish list! We have had some amazing donors help us by donating for specific items, which has helped us get closer to our goal of opening the vet clinic next month.

We also were offered a matching $13,000 grant and before we could even make a big announcement about the matching grant had already raised $11,175 toward that goal! We are only $1,825 away from fulfilling that matching grant and putting us one step closer to the needed funds to open up our, much needed, vet hospital.

Below is a list of items still needed, items already donated, and a few items in reserve for our April 7th Arkansas Gives Day fundraising goals. 

Click Here to Donate to help finish equipping the Vet Hospital 

Vet Hospital Equipment Still Needed:

  • X-Ray Portable Machine = $53,807.00
  • Blood Machine – ProCyte Analyzer = $29,995.00
  • Ultrasound = $6,995.00
  • Wet Table = $2,100.00
  • Vet Lab Station = $1,995.00
  • Refrigerator/Freezer = $1,259.00
  • Scrub Sink = $1,255.00
  • UA Analyzer = $995.00
  • Large Capacity Washer = $719.00
  • Large Capacity Dryer = $719.00
  • Surgical Pack = $579.26
  • Storage Cabinet = $417.80
  • Pullout Couch (Overnight stay/animal monitoring) = $390.00
  • Heavy Duty Clippers = $362.73
  • Microscope = $339.99
  • Suction Pump = $335.00
  • Computer = $229.99
  • Printer = $199.99
  • Kitchen Sink Double = $199.00
  • Compact Refrigerator (control substances) = $149.00
  • Safe (control drug storage) = $149.34
  • Refractometer = $42.99
  • Kitchen Faucet = $38.00
  • 2 Shelving Units = $99.98 Each

Donated Items – Thanks to our Awesome Supporters!

  • Anesthesia Machine = $2,395.00 Donated
  • Tuttnauer Ultrasonic Cleaner & Basket = $713.00 Donated
  • Vet Monitor = $1,995.00 Donated
  • Scale = $1,260.00 Donated
  • IV Stand = $33.93 Donated
  • Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope = $726.00  Donated
  • Dental Air Unit = $4,350.00 Donated

AGFlyerTCWRsmallThe items listed below are goal items for April 7th Arkansas Gives Day fundraiser. Join us on the 7th to raise funds to purchase these items! Just go to on April 7th from 8a-8p CT and search for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge to donate. Your money will go further with bonuses and prizes by helping on April 7th.

  • Portable Floor Surgery Light = $3,350.00 – Arkansas Gives Day 1st Goal
  • Centrifuge = $395.00 – Arkansas Gives Day 2rd Goal
  • Stethoscope = $232.00 – Arkansas Gives Day 3rd Goal
  • Blood Tube Rocker = $220.99 – Arkansas Gives Day 4th Goal
  • Mayo Instrument Stand = $95.99 – Arkansas Gives Day 5th Goal


TCWR Has Gone Live

Turpentine Creek is now streaming live video feed via Facebook

March 24, 2016

livelogoFacebook has recently released a new tool for individuals and businesses to use, Facebook Live Video. This allows us to instantly share videos about events happening at Turpentine Creek as they happen! We can answer your questions the moment you ask them and even have a full live discussion.

Live video does pose some challenges, currently Facebook only allows live video on iPhones, which limits the quality of the videos. Wind might interfere making it hard to hear what people are saying, video might be unstable when walking or moving quickly, and of course, there is the fact that we are located a distance away from ‘civilization’ and at times we might loose reception and videos will be cut off unexpectedly.

However, with these challenges we are working hard to find ways around them. Live video feed provides us with many opportunities and is a wonderful way to connect directly with people all over the world.

All we ask is that you be patient with us as we learn the best ways to utilize this new technology and work around the issues we discover along the way. We also would appreciate feedback on what you would like to see and do with live video.

Please feel free to join us on our Facebook page to watch our live video. You can also watch it after the live session is completed. We are excited to test live video and see just how far it can take us!

Spring Break with a Purpose

Giving Back before Getting Back to School

March 22, 2016

SpringBreak-3199Spring Break, a time to recharge and rejuvenate before tackling the final few months of classes right? Not for 19 amazing college students. Students from the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Dallas spent a week at Turpentine Creek volunteering their time to help us clean up and get ready for spring!

Many of the students have volunteered at Turpentine Creek in the past, choosing to return again and again. The student’s majors were varied, we even had an art major. We found ways to utilize their talents to help make Turpentine Creek great! They had a lot of fun creating enrichment for the animals.

SpringBreak-3191Spring Break time at Turpentine Creek sees a lot of visitors passing through, but we’ve also been lucky enough to have dozens of students, clubs, groups, and families offer up their vacation to help us. These volunteers help by planting flowers, picking up trash, cleaning up winter debris, and other tasks. The volunteers do not help with animal care but they still get to spend an amazing day/week around the amazing animals who call Turpentine Creek home.

For more information about volunteering please visit our Volunteer page or contact Ivy at

Bam Bam Pool Reopens

Bam Bam Gets His Pool Back

March 19, 2016


Bam Bam cannot wait until his pool finishes filling up!

Bam Bam’s beloved pool was opened earlier this week! Our famous bear loves to swim, but every winter we must drain his pool so that the pipes and pump don’t freeze. All winter Bam Bam watches his pool longingly.

Now that the temperature is above freezing we were happy to reopen Bam Bam’s pool this past weekend. All week our furry friend has been enjoying his pool. The only downfall is that shedding season is about to begin for our fluffy bear, and so our intern cleaning crews will have lots of soggy fur to clean out of Bam Bam’s lovely habitat pool.

Stop in and watch Bam Bam swim, relax, and splash around his pool all spring, summer, and fall! And don’t feel too bad that we close it during the winter, Bam Bam gets plenty of other enrichment during the winter months to compensate. (That and most of the time he is sleeping anyways!)

Spring is here and Bam Bam is loving it!

St. Patrick’s Day at TCWR

Animals Enjoy Holidays Too

March 17, 2016


Nala loves vertical enrichment. Cougars can jump 14 feet up… when they want to.

Our animals love celebrating holidays, thanks to creative volunteers, staff members, and interns. Our animals are spoiled around the holidays with extra enrichment items. Cats get castles, “antelope”, and turkeys instead of plane old boxes.

This St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t any different. This year we had two groups of volunteers, college students on spring break from Texas, spend the week with us. The used some of their time to create holiday-themed enrichment items for our animals.

Not only was this activity fun for our volunteers the animals were really excited to explore the new smells and destroy the many, many boxes that were littered around their habitats.


Duke… we don’t think you will fit!

Staff and interns love to make enrichment items for our animals and they especially love the excuse holidays provide us to make bigger and more complex enrichment items. We don’t think the animals mind.

So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! May you have a bit of “The Luck of the Irish” this year and if you do don’t forget to help us, help them.

Bobby Bobcat Update

New Rescue Bobby the Bobcat Settling

March 15, 2016 In January, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge welcomed the newest member of our furry family, Bobby the Bobcat. Bobby is a 17-year-old blind bobcat from Ohio. This sweet little guy was very skittish for the first few weeks that he lived at Turpentine. We were lucky to see a set of glowing eyes peeking out of his den when dinner came around. The only way we knew that he had come out was that his food was gone.

bobby in habitatWeeks passed and soon we started to see flashes of gray fur in his night house… if you weren’t too close. Slowly but surely, Bobby began getting use to the smells and sounds of Turpentine. Once we were sure that our little Bobby had settled in, we gave him access to his new habitat, which he time-shares with our Serval Bowden.

For the first few days, we were unsure if Bobby knew how to get into his habitat, but soon we began seeing flashes of gray fur in the habitat. Bobby is a brave soul and even though he couldn’t see his habitat very well, he explored every inch of it.

Now, Bobby has become comfortable enough with us that he spends many of his days out in the grass of his habitat, no matter how close you are! Bobby has yet to tempt climbing on the benches or hammocks scattered around his habitat but perhaps in time, he will figure that one out.

We have seen amazing support for our newest rescue. Bobby has a handful of adopters already, although he is still waiting on a sponsor. Visitors have even spotted Bobby laying in a ray of sunshine on occasion. Bobby is happy and healthy at Turpentine Creek; we are very glad that we could offer him a forever home with us.

Kite Fest 2016

“Go Fly a Kite” at Turpentine Creek for Kite Fest

March 11, 2016

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, in coordination with KaleidoKites of Eureka Springs, is hosting our annual “Art with an Altitude” Kite Fest on March 26th. Kite Fest is a family event inviting attendees to join us for a day filled with fun, family, and felines (bears too).

Kite_Fest_2012-3Flying a Kite and participating in Kite Fest activities is free, but it is normal admission prices to enter the refuge and see all the amazing animals that call Turpentine Creek home.

You can make your own kite on site or buy a kite during Kite Fest. There will be food, music, and family activities to fill the day. And since Kite Fest falls the day before Easter this year, we are also hosting an Easter Egg hunt at 3pm for kids 8 and under.

“Making and flying kites is a ‘green’ sport’ families can share. It’s wind-fueled and gets kids away from sedentary activities like TV viewing and video games,” said Steve Rogers, KaleidoKites co-owner. “It’s a great photo-opportunity with world-class kites worth over a thousand dollars flown during the event. These kites are works of art, which is only fitting for an artist’s community like Eureka Springs,” added Rogers.

KaleidoKites’ experts will be available to assist children in kite making and flying techniques. Donations to the refuge requested for kite making assistance. Proceeds finance rescue and ongoing care for the 100 tigers, lions, cougars and other wildlife that make the sanctuary a life-long home.

And for the adults, join us after Kite Fest from 6pm – 9pm at the Cathouse Lounge in Eureka Springs for an after party fundraiser. There will be live entertainment from local artists, lift the kilt donations, fire dancers, silent auction items, and more fun activities!

For more additional information, contact KaleidoKites at 479-253-6596, 888-836-6251 or email For details on Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, visit or call (479) 253-5841.

Vet Hospital Wishlist

Final Vet Hospital Equipment Needs

March 10, 2016

untitled-2361We have begun the countdown until our Vet Hospital building is completed. Our construction team said that if everything stays on schedule it should be completed by April! But we still have a LOT of equipment to purchase before we can actually use the building. We have put together a ‘wish list’ that includes all the desperately needed must have items for us to start using the Vet Hospital. Item prices range from $33.93 up to $53,807.00 and everywhere in between.

This list will give you a general idea of what your donations will go toward. If you, or the company you work with, is already preparing for the 2017 tax season already perhaps you would like to look through the list and find an item that you could “purchase” in full. This “purchase” will make a great tax break, since all donations to Turpentine Creek are tax deductible.

To contribute to the Vet Hospital Fund please click here 

Or you can send a check to 239 Turpentine Creek Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 with a note in the memo line that it is for the Vet Hospital or a certain piece of Vet Equipment.

Or you can call and make a donation over the phone at 479-253-5841

You are also welcome to stop in and make a donation if you are in the area.

Vet Hospital Equipment Still Needed

  • Compact Refrigerator (control substances) = $149.00
  • Safe (control drug storage) = $149.34
  • Computer = $229.99
  • Printer = $199.99
  • Pullout Couch (Overnight stay/animal monitoring) = $390.00
  • Large Capacity Washer = $719.00
  • Large Capacity Dryer = $719.00
  • Storage Cabinet = $417.80
  • Stethoscope = $232.00
  • Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope = $726.00
  • Tuttnauer Ultrasonic Cleaner & Basket = $713.00  Donated
  • Blood Tube Rocker = $220.99
  • UA Analyzer = $995.00
  • Dental Air Unit = $4,350.00
  • Wet Table = $2,100.00
  • Scale = $1,260.00 Donated
  • Centrifuge = $395.00
  • Blood Machine – ProCyte Analyzer = $29,995.00
  • Vet Lab Station = 1,995.00
  • Refractometer = $42.99
  • Microscope = $339.99
  • Kitchen Sink Double = $199.00
  • Kitchen Faucet = $38.00
  • Refrigerator/Freezer = $1,259.00
  • Ultrasound = 6,995.00
  • X-Ray Portable Machine = $53,807.00
  • 2 Shelving Units = $99.98 Each
  • Heavy Duty Clippers = $362.73
  • Anesthesia Machine = $2,395.00 Donated
  • Vet Monitor = $1,995.00  Donated
  • Scrub Sink = $1,255.00
  • Portable Floor Surgery Light = $3,350.00
  • Surgical Pack = $579.26
  • IV Stand = $33.93
  • Mayo Instrument Stand = $95.99
  • Suction Pump = $335.00