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St. Patrick’s Day at TCWR

Animals Enjoy Holidays Too

March 17, 2016

Nala loves vertical enrichment. Cougars can jump 14 feet up… when they want to.

Our animals love celebrating holidays, thanks to creative volunteers, staff members, and interns. Our animals are spoiled around the holidays with extra enrichment items. Cats get castles, “antelope”, and turkeys instead of plane old boxes.

This St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t any different. This year we had two groups of volunteers, college students on spring break from Texas, spend the week with us. The used some of their time to create holiday-themed enrichment items for our animals.

Not only was this activity fun for our volunteers the animals were really excited to explore the new smells and destroy the many, many boxes that were littered around their habitats.

Duke… we don’t think you will fit!

Staff and interns love to make enrichment items for our animals and they especially love the excuse holidays provide us to make bigger and more complex enrichment items. We don’t think the animals mind.

So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! May you have a bit of “The Luck of the Irish” this year and if you do don’t forget to help us, help them.

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