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Kite Fest Breaks Records

Kite Fest Broke Attendance Record

March 30, 2016

2016 Kite Festival-0245“Art with an Altitude” Kite Fest was a massive success this year! We were lucky and had the most wonderful weather the day of Kite Fest. Visitors arrived at Turpentine Creek to slightly cloudy blue skies, 70-degree temperature, and a strong –but not too strong- breeze. The wonderful weather allowed us to break our own personal record of attendance and overall success of Kite Fest.

Families enjoyed a day filled with fun activities, kites, and bonding. Kids enjoyed making their own kites, parents enjoyed teaching their children the proper way to fly a kite, and some people enjoyed showing off their big, beautiful, special kites.

2016 Kite Festival-3462The only ‘downfall’ of the event is that we were just not expecting so many people! We sold out of food by 2pm and our Easter Egg hunt was over in an instant when the 300 eggs, which we had prepared beforehand, were gone! But since this was our first Easter Egg hunt, during Kite Fest, we know for next time to triple –if not quadruple- the egg numbers for next year.

We are so very thankful for the people who attended and made Kit Fest amazing! Mark your calendars for next year, because Kite Fest is only going to get bigger and better as we continue!

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