TCWR Has Gone Live

Turpentine Creek is now streaming live video feed via Facebook

March 24, 2016

livelogoFacebook has recently released a new tool for individuals and businesses to use, Facebook Live Video. This allows us to instantly share videos about events happening at Turpentine Creek as they happen! We can answer your questions the moment you ask them and even have a full live discussion.

Live video does pose some challenges, currently Facebook only allows live video on iPhones, which limits the quality of the videos. Wind might interfere making it hard to hear what people are saying, video might be unstable when walking or moving quickly, and of course, there is the fact that we are located a distance away from ‘civilization’ and at times we might loose reception and videos will be cut off unexpectedly.

However, with these challenges we are working hard to find ways around them. Live video feed provides us with many opportunities and is a wonderful way to connect directly with people all over the world.

All we ask is that you be patient with us as we learn the best ways to utilize this new technology and work around the issues we discover along the way. We also would appreciate feedback on what you would like to see and do with live video.

Please feel free to join us on our Facebook page to watch our live video. You can also watch it after the live session is completed. We are excited to test live video and see just how far it can take us!

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