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Bam Bam Pool Reopens

Bam Bam Gets His Pool Back

March 19, 2016

Bam Bam cannot wait until his pool finishes filling up!

Bam Bam’s beloved pool was opened earlier this week! Our famous bear loves to swim, but every winter we must drain his pool so that the pipes and pump don’t freeze. All winter Bam Bam watches his pool longingly.

Now that the temperature is above freezing we were happy to reopen Bam Bam’s pool this past weekend. All week our furry friend has been enjoying his pool. The only downfall is that shedding season is about to begin for our fluffy bear, and so our intern cleaning crews will have lots of soggy fur to clean out of Bam Bam’s lovely habitat pool.

Stop in and watch Bam Bam swim, relax, and splash around his pool all spring, summer, and fall! And don’t feel too bad that we close it during the winter, Bam Bam gets plenty of other enrichment during the winter months to compensate. (That and most of the time he is sleeping anyways!)

Spring is here and Bam Bam is loving it!

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