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August 1, 2019

This August, we’re calling on you to take the #RoarChallenge and share your passion about the Refuge! This simple summons could win you and a friend some much-sought-after prizes.

Participation is easy; simply tell at least one person (who doesn’t already know about TCWR) about us then visit There, you will be asked to complete a quick form with your name and email address, along with your friend’s name and email address. For every 100 registrations, we will be giving away a paw painting to the primary entrant and two admission tickets to the person they told about us!

For a bonus entry and to help spread awareness about TCWR, you can take the virtual #RoarChallenge by showing off your best lion roar or tiger chuff in a video, uploading it to your social media pages, and sharing the link on the form at Don’t forget to use the hashtags #Roar4TCWR #Roar4Refuge #RoarChallenge and to tag a friend to complete the challenge next!

We are dedicating the entire month of August to gaining as many new supporters as possible, which means you will have from August 1- August 31 to enter to win. The more people we have sharing our mission, the greater chance big cats have at claiming a happier, healthier future. Please join us in expanding our network of educators, advocates, and ethical tourists.

You can start a conversation in person, or via call, text, email, or social media #RoarChallenge #Roar4TCWR #Roars4Refuge. Here are some helpful links with information about TCWR to get you started:

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