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Independence Day

Prince and Tony Rediscover Their Freedom

July 2, 2019

Independence and freedom are never in short supply at the Refuge. Here, animals rescued from a variety of undesirable situations are given a chance to regain their life or experience it as they never have before. If you take a stroll through our sanctuary you may hear the carol of lions, the splash of bears sloshing in their pools, and the “thud” of rowdy tigers taking their enrichment barrels to the ground; to us, this is the sound of freedom ringing!

It’s always exciting when an animal resident claims their first taste of liberation from the confines of whatever small space their previous owners forced them into. Bobcat brothers, Prince and Tony, were captured from the wild as kittens. They were kept as pets for the first few months of their short lives. Most of their time was spent in small crates with the occasional moment of leisure in a dog run outside the people’s home.

Last week, Prince and Tony were finally released into their outdoor habitat after spending the first few weeks of their time at the Refuge regaining their health in our veterinary hospital. The moment their paws touched the grass, it was as if they knew they were given a second chance. Though they remained aloof, as bobcats do, the pair bravely explored their new space with enthusiasm and curiosity. With each passing day, the bobcat brothers grow more and more dauntless, proudly claiming their domain as their own.

We hope you can celebrate the Fourth of July holiday by visiting Prince and Tony in their new habitat and wishing them a happy “independence day!” We are open our regular hours of 9 AM – 6 PM.

On behalf of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, we want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July and thank all the military men and women who have served and are currently serving our country. We are happy to offer you 50% off admission year-round!

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