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Support Animals Like Ce’Ce’ & JJ During NWA Gives Day!

Two of our newest residents, Ce’ Ce’ & JJ, a sibling pair of African Servals, are adjusting nicely to  their new forever home at TCWR. Relinquished by their previous owner due to COVID  related changes back in February, they are just now beginning to feel comfortable with their new lives at the Refuge. Both are  in fairly good health, aside from the expected  degenerative bone disease commonly seen when kits or cubs are prematurely separated from  nursing mothers. Declawing also frequently results in degenerative bone issues, which this pair  was subjected to as well.   

A visual exam of both animals determined their senses of sight, hearing, and smell to be intact,  with eyes clear and bright and ears and sinuses free of infections and obstructions. Incisors,  canines, and first bottom premolars also appeared healthy and unremarkable. Dr. Kellyn  Sweeley, staff Veterinarian, noted that their coats appeared to be in good condition as well, with  no observable lacerations, abrasions or masses present, at least from the cursory exam she was  able to perform upon their arrival. More extensive, in-depth medical examinations including x rays to assess skeletal conditions, will be performed after the animals have been given sufficient  time to adjust to their new surroundings. Both animals are progressing slowly but steadily  toward that goal, with JJ, the female, taking the lead.  

Initially neither were observed venturing out of their night-house except under full cover of  darkness. In recent days however, JJ has graced team members with her appearance more and more,  albeit in brief increments. In time, we expect to see her less adventurous litter mate follow her  lead. JJ’s higher level of curiosity regarding her environment may be due – at least in part, to a prior escape from her previous owner, which allowed her to experience a full 3 days of complete  freedom from her small enclosure.  

Current transitional dietary plans for the two provide for a slow introduction of assorted raw  meats in order to avoid any digestive disturbances. Later introductions will include vitamin and  mineral supplements and the possibility of bones, but only after an in-depth determination has  been made regarding the overall health of the animals’ digestive tracks. Additional supplements  required may also include calcium and glucosamine/chondroitin & fish oil, should their bone  health warrant it.  

One way you can provide for the needs of these two beautiful animals, as well as other precious  members of our facility, is to participate during the upcoming NWA  Gives Day, April 8th,  2021! Not only would you be providing loving support for your favorite special friend or friends, 

but you would allow us to demonstrate our appreciation for YOU… for making a difference in the  lives of our animals! Prizes and appreciation awards will range from park passes and gift shop  merchandise, to original paw print art give aways, and a free night’s stay in our exclusive on-site  lodging! Festivities will take place in person at our facility, as well as on-line, from 8:00 a.m. to  8:00 p.m., with live on-air broadcasts, and more! So don’t miss out! Mark your calendar now, for  this fun-filled day of celebration and festivities. See ya’ then!       

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