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The Fourth of July

Celebrating Our Independence One Bite at a Time

July 4, 2017

Who doesn’t love the Fourth of July? The smell of hotdogs roasting, homemade ice cream, grilling BBQ, watermelons (with a hint of salt), and strawberry shortcake — not to mention the excitement that often comes with the colorful and startling display of fireworks and sparklers in the evening. The Fourth of July is a delightful festival that commemorates our country’s independence.

At Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, the Fourth of July is also the birthday celebration of one of our smaller and most dear animals, Flip the Coatimundi. This Fourth of July will not only mark her 13th year but also 8 birthdays celebrated free from the exotic pet trade and we are very excited for her!

So, why not on this 241st anniversary of our nation’s independence, you bring your family and friends out to celebrate the independence of the animals as well?! With a picnic table and benches all around the Discovery Tour, you can bring your hotdogs, watermelons, and strawberry shortcakes!

And as you chomp down on those holiday treats, learn fun facts about the abundance of wildlife at the Refuge! For example, as you take a bite out of your juicy watermelon, know that while the average bite force of a human is 162 pounds per square inch, a tiger’s is an astonishing 1,050 psi! And later, as you watch the colorful fireworks crackling and bursting at 150 decibels, know that a lion’s roar is only 36 decibels short at 114!

There is so much fun to be had in the summer holiday season and by having it at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge you will also be supporting the fight for the independence of all the animals who have yet to be liberated from the exotic pet trade.

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