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Supporting TCWR This Holiday Season

Five Days Until Giving Tuesday 2020

November 26, 2020

Giving Tuesday is this upcoming Tuesday, December 1! As you go about your shopping, our animal residents would like a favor. Could you save $12 for those who call TCWR home? We had the opportunity to #GiveFreedom to 12 new animal residents this year, resulting in about a $120,000 budget increase to care for them. If even just a few people donated $12, it would secure that much more of a future for both our current animal residents and any future rescues who might need us in the coming year.

This year’s Giving Tuesday theme is #GiveFreedom. Right now, there are over 10,000 big cats trapped in the Big Cat Trade in the U.S. alone. They are bred with brutal practices, forced to entertain in ways that scare them, handled without breaks even when sick and injured, and often left to suffer and starve when they are no longer of use. However, we haven’t lost hope. We will never give up on them.

This year, 12 came home to us. In years past, we have taken in anywhere from 5 to 34 while facilitating the rescue of others to reputable sanctuaries across the country. We #GiveFreedom through rescuing from unthinkable conditions- from tiny habitats mulched with rusty nails, from cramped travel trailers with filthy floors, from dog kennels locked tight with no food or water for the massive but emaciated cat living inside.

Getting Survivors out of those situations is only the first step. We have the responsibility to not only let them taste freedom, but to live it, day in and day out. Habitats with real natural features- rocks, grass, trees, logs- that imitates the environment they belong in as close as possible. Enrichment items and practices that allow them to hunt and use the senses they should be using each and every day as an apex predator. Fresh food and water that lets them know they never have to worry about being starved again and gives them the energy they need to live wild. Health care that keeps injuries and conditions from their past at bay, allowing them to live long, happy, pain-free lives engaging in the activities they love. This is the life they deserve to live if they cannot be released into the wild.

Beyond care-taking, we advocate and educate to make lasting change that will someday #GiveFreedom to the animals still trapped in the Trade. We are working every day to advocate for legislation and laws that will make the cruel practices within that very enterprise illegal. We are talking to people, educating them on the plights captive big cats are facing, and showing the truth of seemingly innocent practices, such as cub-petting and traveling shows. We are holding out and holding space for the next animals who will reach out a paw, asking for help, asking for a safe reprieve from the horrors they have known. Asking for freedom.

That is why we have set a goal on Giving Tuesday, December 1, to raise $50,000. It’s our most ambitious giving day yet. After the setbacks we have encountered this year, we refuse to give up on the animals who rely on us, and we know you refuse to give up, too. The fight for freedom continues. Will you join?

Please visit for the many ways you can #GiveFreedom.

Donate For Giving Tuesday Early


Facebook Match

On Giving Tuesday – December 1, 2020. Facebook will be offering a $7 million dollar match! As always, the match will go quickly so please be ready to donate at 8 am EST (7am CST – TCWR, 6 am MST, 5 am PST).

The first $2 million dollars donated on Facebook during Giving Tuesday will be matched 100%. After that the remaining $5 million dollars will be matched at 10%. If you want to try to meet this match PLEASE be ready to donate at EXACTLY 8 am EST. In the past this match has been fully met within a minute of the start time!

You can also shop one of our amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Don’t forget other ways you can support the Refuge! While you shop online for your holiday gifts remember to shop through (and pick Turpentine Creek as your nonprofit) to give a portion of your purchase to the Refuge!

You can save 10% when you spend over $20.20 in our online store at – give the gift that keeps on giving and buy a gift or two for your friends and family from Turpentine Creek! Offer runs from November 23, 2020 until November 30, 2020!

You can also get a great deal when booking a room from 11/27 until 11/30! Buy a one-night stay, and book a second for 50% off! The discount will be valid for stays between November 30, 2020, and May 30, 2021. Some exclusions apply. Please call 1(833)-244-2289 EXT. 1 to take advantage of this deal beginning Friday!

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