Summer Time At Turpentine Creek

Pools and Big Cats

May 30, 2017

Splish, splash, our big cats are enjoying their ‘baths’!  Tigers are one of the few felines that enjoy the water. Our cats love to swim around and ‘drown’ their toys in the pools that we provide them with each summer.

Our bears also love their pools. Bam Bam, our most famous resident, has a unique pool that even has a waterfall in it. We hope to build two large pools, somewhat like Bam Bam’s, in our two new bear habitats. Bigger pools, like Bam Bam’s, take more work to clean and maintain.

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Although we would love to give all of our animals’ permeant pools, because of our landscape and resources we are unable to do that at this time. For now, our pools are made from metal ‘stock tanks’ and are durable enough to survive the abuse that big cats and bear put the pools through. They come in various sizes from small mini pools for very young or older cats, to large pools that can fit multiple bears and toys in them. Pools allow our animals to keep cool in the warm Ozark summers and also provide extra enrichment opportunities for the animals.

Pools are the perfect opportunity to provide our animals with extra enrichment. During the summer we will submerge items like watermelons, boomer balls, bobbins, and other items into their pools. The cats then do their best to figure out how to get the items out of the pool, or they jump in and play with them. Enriching the lives of our animals is a major part of our daily activities.

Stop in this summer and watch our animals enjoying their pools. With your help, we can make sure our animals live the best lives possible in captivity.

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