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Springing Into 2020

Big Changes Coming This Year At TCWR

January 22, 2020

Due to popular demand, we now offer Carnivore Caravan tours every day of the week. You can book a Carnivore Caravan tour for you and up to four friends for only $100 each to get a private look at what goes on behind-the-scenes at the Refuge! Take a trip down to see your favorite animal at Rescue Ridge or visit our new bear habitats. These exclusive tours are a great way to support our mission and see parts of the Refuge that are usually off-limits to the public.

We have begun planning our annual Cats at the Castle event and tickets are now available for purchase! Space is limited so make sure to purchase yours before its too late! This year’s event will take place Saturday, April 18, at the beautiful Castle Rogue’s Manor with the theme, “Roaring Twenties.” We encourage our attendees to dress in themed outfits! It will be a fun evening of fundraising for the Refuge. Learn more and reserve your spot at

We would like to also let our supporters know that as of March 1st , admission prices will be raising by $5 for each ticket. Pricing will be $25 for adults (ages 20+), $20 for teenagers (ages 13-19), $15 for kids (ages 4-12), Seniors (ages 65+), and military; children under 3 are still free. This raise in entry fees reflects the higher costs of caring for the animals that call our Refuge home, as well as costs to run and maintain our facility. To make sure 100% of all donations go towards the animals, we use admission, lodging, and other non-donation sources of revenue to pay non-animal related expenses. Tickets purchased through our online ticketing system before March 1st at current prices will be honored beyond the March 1st pricing change.

We look forward to what other changes and improvements will come around in 2020. Thank you for being part of our growth and supporting our 2020 Vision. Please stay tuned because we have some big announcements on rescues coming in the next week!

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