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Fifth Annual Arkansas 500 A Success

April 19, 2016

82 Dual Sport Motorcycle riders joined our Vice-President Scott Smith for his fifth annual fundraising event, the Arkansas 500. For 4 days, from April 7th until the 10th, these men and women road the rough trails around North West Arkansas to support Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Together, after expenses, they raised a grand total of $6,156.59 for the animals at Turpentine Creek!

Some of the riders found out about the Arkansas 500 from outside sources and had never been to Turpentine Creek before. So, they took the opportunity to walk around Turpentine before or after the ride. The fundraiser was a great way to reach a fresh audience and help educate them about Turpentine Creek’s mission.

Out of the 82 riders, 31 finished the whole event. The majority of the riders dropped out early so that they could drive home. Some individuals drove 14 hours just to attend the Arkansas 500. There were only 5-6 break downs during the ride, but that is to be expected when riding on rough terrain.
Ark500-3577The ride has grown over the years and this year they exceeded expectations. The initial 50 spots filled up in only a few short days and Scott worked hard to expand to accommodate as many riders as possible. When he finally had to stop accepting riders many people were left out of the adventure.

Everyone had a fun time and many are already planning for next year’s event. The ride has been so successful that Scott has begun making plans for a second ride, which will happen later in the year. It will be on a different set of trails to give returning riders a new experience.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Arkansas 500 and invite them to return again next year! This was an amazing way to fundraise for the animals at Turpentine Creek.

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