Rambo’s New Beginning

This week, we had the privilege of welcoming a new animal resident to the Turpentine Creek family. This animal does not “carol,” “chuff,” or “hiss,” nor does he make any bear sounds (which is typically just the noise of destruction, anyway). Rambo is neither feline or canine; instead he belongs to the hyaenidae family. We are sure you can guess what that makes him! 

Our one and only hyena came to his forever home late Monday night and was released into a habitat at Rescue Ridge for quarantine Tuesday morning. He did not truly emerge from the roll cage until almost noon, despite being tempted with food. When he finally strutted into his habitat, Rambo began to explore and emit hyena “whoops” to our team. 

The road to rescue was a difficult one; while the process of loading Rambo and heading home with him was actually one of the simpler transfers we have done, we ran into multiple glitches along the way. Sunday night, as team members headed to South Arkansas, a wheel bearing went out on our trailer. After that was fixed, our GPS seemed confused about our destination. A few wrong turns later, we made it to Rambo’s former home. As we were greeting him, team members attempted to take photos to share with you all, but following a literal misstep, our camera ended up in the mud. As a “laughing hyena,” we are sure Rambo found the entire thing hilarious!

Rambo lived with his previous family for his entire life of 10 years. Sadly, the father of the family unexpectedly passed away in an automobile accident about two weeks ago. The family loved Rambo, and we respect them for contacting a true sanctuary to take care of him following the accident. We ask that you please keep them in your thoughts as they grieve the loss of their loved one. 

Currently, our new hyena friend seems to be in good health. We will post the findings of Dr. Kellyn’s wellness exam when they become available. You can follow his journey on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube pages. 

Rambo is in need of symbolic adopters, as well as a sponsor. 

Even if you are unable to symbolically adopt or sponsor, Rambo welcomes all donations towards his care at his new home. Five dollars can help Rambo keep “laughing” as he starts his new life.


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