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Old Habitats Get New Life

Oldest Habitats Get Completely Rebuilt

April 26, 2016

About a month ago we began a complete rebuild of our two oldest habitats. These habitats had served their purpose but with age comes deterioration and new knowledge on better ways to build safer habitats.

denforindia_3This double rebuild is one of the last steps on a complete renovation of our habitats. Late last year we began the task of updating and upgrading all of our habitats. New paint, fixing fences, changing door positions, and other various upgrades were done to the majority of our habitats. It took a lot of work and this update/upgrade project was definitely needed. Thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to get the work done quickly.

For the past few weeks, we have been rebuilding the fence portion of the habitat. We drove new posts, hung new fencing, and created new doors. From the start of the project, it was evident that not only did the fencing need replaced but the old dens needed to be replaced too. So we called in the “heavy machinery” to knock the old ones down. Late last week we were excited to drop the new night houses in place for the two habitats. This is one of the final steps of the rebuild and soon we will be able to release the tigers back into their habitats.

We only have a few habitats left to visit for some updates/upgrades and then Turpentine Creek will look like new! We have been working hard all fall, winter, and spring to get all the construction done on our old habitats. Once this project is completed, we can begin working on building new habitats in what used to be the compound area! We plan to build big, grassy habitats in the area that used to be filled with dozens and dozens of small cages. Those cages had served their purpose, to quickly save animals lives, but now we are focusing on building bigger and better habitats for all the animals we care for.

We do, however, need to think of a new name for the old “compound” area since it is no longer a compound.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goal!

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