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Newest “Crash The Compound” Project

February 27, 2020

Area Behind Gift Shop in 2015 after being bulldozed.

In late 2015, Turpentine Creek moved the last animal out of the original metal cages located behind the gift shop, dubbed as the “compound” by our team members. Shortly thereafter, bulldozers came in and demolished this smaller caging. That was the first stage in “Crash the Compound”, we then proceeded to build two large grassy habitats for six tigers rescued during our Colorado Project, which was the next stage in the process. For five years, we’ve let the land settle and made plans, but finally, we’ve begun the final stage of the compound crash.

Next time you visit the Refuge, the Discovery Area will look completely different! As of yesterday, February 26, 2020, construction has begun on the area for our new pavilion and paved pathways in the Discovery area!

Work on the actual wooden pavilion started weeks ago. Sal Wilson Timber Construction’s team of timber framers began cutting, sanding, treating, and preparing all the wood elements so that they are ready to be assembled after the cement has been poured and set.

Today, a team of workers are leveling the ground throughout the central part of the Discovery area so that they can pour a beautiful cement pathway running between Bam Bam, Kizmin/Tanya, and Lakota/Joey/Khaleesi/Aurora. Then it will turn and run in front of the Bobcat habitat and Goober’s habitat. They will then construct the sizeable wooden pavilion in the area between Goober and Lakota/Joey/Khaleesi/Aurora’s habitats.

This is stage one of our project to enhance our visitor experience in the Discovery area. We hope to have this completed before Spring Break starts mid-March. After Spring Break, we plan to move to stage two of this project and pave paths throughout the remainder of our discovery area, including down the bear tunnel.

Stage one is estimated to cost approximately $65,000 for the cement and pavilion construction. Supporter M. Whitt kicked off this project by offering a $20,836 match, leaving us $44,164 to fundraise to fund this stage of the project entirely. We will be fundraising for this stage of the project from now until NWA Gives Day on April 2, 2020. For NWA Gives Day, we will be fundraising for whatever amount is left for this project, and possibly for the second stage of the project if, as usual, our amazing supporters rally behind us and get this stage funded early. We encourage everyone to join us for NWA Gives Day for a day filled with fun and fundraising!

We are estimating that phase two will be approximately $55,000, and we will try to begin working on this stage of the project in late April.

Not only will this project make our property more accessible for everyone, but the new pavilion space will also give us an area to conduct our educational presentations, offer a reprieve from the weather for visitors, a beautiful event area, and picnic area near the animals. With the pavilion, we will be able to expand on our education and advocacy programs, creating a better future for the animals that we rescue.

We are very excited to be able to offer this beautiful new space for our visitors. This is another step towards expanding our educational offerings and making our Refuge a leader in the animal and environmental education community.

Thank you for your support, please pardon our mess while construction is ongoing. During construction tours, maybe rerouted around the construction site, but at this time, we plan to continue business as usual. We invite everyone to plan a trip out to not only see the animals but the beautiful new pavilion area this spring!

We look forward to seeing you here!

Donate Now for the new pavilion and pavement project.

Or join us for NWA Gives Day!

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