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NWA Gives Day Recap

NWA (& Beyond) Gave!

April 8, 2020

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say, “THANK YOU!,” to everyone who supported us on NWA Gives Day last Thursday, April 2! Because of your generous donations, personal fundraisers, and the amount of time you spent sharing our posts and spreading the word, we were able to raise $20,289 for our animal residents! That is even more than you donated last year when things were “normal!” All of your contributions will be supplementing what is typically brought in by visitors while we are closed to the public.

You conquered some epic challenges last Thursday. We know many of you are facing financial insecurity and general anxiety about the state of the world due to COVID-19. Despite that and the fact that our NWA Gives page was inaccessible most of the day combined other technology problems, you all showed up with a full heart for our animal residents! 

We wanted the day to be focused on thanking you for all the support you have already given us. Because of that, we tried to give you extra live video content and get more creative than ever with our giveaways. We hope you had a blast participating because we had so much fun interacting with you! 

Our big cats don’t know that anything is different with the world right now. They are carrying on the same as always and requiring the same food, enrichment, medication, and well-kept habitats they always have. Thanks to you, they are not missing any meals, they aren’t  living in pain from missed medication doses, and they get to continue frolicking in their habitats with their favorite toys. You are generously stepping up to stand between them and any disruption of the lives full of safety and peace they have grown used to. Every time our team fills a water dish or food bowl, every time they lay out Boomer Balls and boxes, every time they do a health examination on an animal, we know it all comes from you. 

Thank you again for standing with our animal residents in this time of sickness and false kings. Your kindness not only cares for those who call the Refuge home, but also brings insurmountable joy and hope to our team. Thank you for being a light.

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