New Benches

Help Us Build New Benches For The Cats

At Turpentine Creek we do our best to provide our animals with plenty of places to lay, shade to enjoy, and toys to destroy. Each of our habitats contains a bench for the animals to relax on and observe their territory. Some of our habitats have beautiful new metal benches, which are durable and easy to fix, allowing the cats to stretch their claws. But a few of our habitats still have our old telephone pole style benches that need to be replaced. This is where you can help!

We need to build 13 new benches for our big cats.

We plan to build 11 single-tiered benches and 2 double-tiered benches. Single tiered benches cost $750 to build and double-tiered cost $1,000. Can you donate a bench and help our cats enjoy days lazing in the sunshine (or even in the shade of the bench if they wish)?

When you donate a bench we will put your name on a plaque to let everyone know that you donated the bench!

Bench Size