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New arrival at Turpentine Creek


Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has just welcomed the newest member of its big cat family, only this one is medium sized: Pickles, an African Serval.

Pickles has come to us from Prairie Grove. Sadly, Pickles’ previous owner passed away suddenly only a few weeks ago, and his wife, moving into a new place, needed to find Pickles a new home as well.

“He got Pickles from a breeder in Florida in 2008,” she explained. “He was in the automotive business, and someone brought a baby bobcat to work, and so he decided to get one too. But something a little more exotic. So he got Pickles.”

Pickles is very affectionate, she says. “With my husband he was very loving and playful. With me, he’s a little bit bratty.”

She says that oddly enough, her husband had always said that anything ever happened to him, he would want Pickles to go to Turpentine Creek. “It’s just sad it had to work out that way.”

Like all new arrivals here, Pickles will go into quarantine for a little while, and then be introduced into her new habitat area, where she can be visited anytime.


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