Letter from the President

Letter from the President

President – Tanya Smith

Big plans for the refuge are in our future. Our goal, as most of you know, is to tear down the existing compound and rebuild it into large natural areas for the animals that live near the front entrance. BamBam bear’s new area and the addition of Rescue Ridge has inspired all of us at the refuge to get every rescued animal out of those small concrete cages and onto some grass. Most of our rescues now live in larger areas on our land. There are still a dozen plus animals that do not get to stretch their legs on the grass. This is not the best TCWR can offer these rescued cats for their lifetime homes. We will continue to improve with your help.

TCWR is gearing up for the future. For the past 22 years we have managed to work with the space available in the old barn for our Gift Shop area. As you may know from having visited us in the past, there is a terrible bottleneck situation when you are checking in and buying your favorite items.

Special thanks to Mickey Finfield, a local architect, who donated his time to help us come up with a functional design for a gift shop, new entrance, multi-purpose room, café, and courtyard. We love the design and are working on getting bids to build this new area. TCWR is planning to make the project affordable for sponsors to help in bite size pieces so you can sponsor one or more of the areas and name the area. We will keep you posted as we move forward into the planning stages. Please help where you can. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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