Habitat Release Michael and Popper

Habitat Release: Michael and Popper

Oct. 6th, 2016

Michael and Popper, two black bears, arrived at Turpentine Creek early on Friday, September 2nd. The two bears came from two different rescues and were delivered to TCWR’s doorstep by Lions, Tigers, and Bears, a big cat and exotic animal rescue located in Alpine, California.

Micahel Bear in his night house.

Michael and Popper immediate went into quarantine in the night houses of their shared habitat. Michael and Popper will be alternating days in their new habitat. Before we released either bear into their habitat we need to complete a project, building them a new three-tiered metal bench. Our team got so creative they also added a hammock chair for the new bears to enjoy.

The new bench and hammock chair were completed at the end of September and on Wednesday, Oct. 5th Michael took his first steps into their new habitat. His habitat release was broadcast live on Facebook for the world to witness. Click Here to View Video On Facebook

At first, Michael was hesitant to enter the strange new territory, but with a little bribing (sweet snacks) he ventured out into the unknown. Michael spent the whole day going in and out of his new habitat area.

Popper’s first steps into her habitat.

The following day, after securing Michael into his night house, it was Popper’s turn to explore their habitat. Popper was also a little reluctant at first but it took a lot less time and convincing to get her out into the grass.

Now that their quarantine period is up and their new bench is completed Popper and Michael will continue to alternate days using the habitat. These two beautiful bears will spend their days laying in the sunshine and enjoying all the enrichment that our team provides them.

We are so very glad that Popper and Michael are a part of the TCWR family. We need your help to take care of Popper and Michael as well as all the other rescues at TCWR. Please click here to visit our Sponsor and Adoption page to learn more about how you can help.

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