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Habitat Rebuilds

Habitat Rebuilds and Construction at TCWR

February 20, 2016

Changes are happening at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge! We’ve made so much progress over the last few months, updating and upgrading our habitats. Recently, we began tearing down our oldest two habitats for complete rebuild! We were so happy when they were built so long ago, but we’ve learned a LOT about building habitats since then, so they just had to go!

The landscape looks different without those two habitats, but don’t worry we are putting new ones up where they used to be. The big cats will have plenty of space to run and play when they are done.

For those of you who have not visited in a few months, Turpentine Creek will look like a whole new refuge. Since October, we have crashed the compound, built new habitats, repainted the majority of the habitats, and now we are rebuilding the two habitats at the furthest point of the tour loop. This is just the beginning of the improvements being made at Turpentine, keep watching for updates on improvements, builds, and changes coming to Turpentine as the year progresses!


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