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Grand Opening

Veterinary Hospital Grand Opening

For well over two years we have worked hard to finish the veterinary hospital project. It took some really amazing supports and a lot of hard work from staff and interns but the vet hospital is complete. We still have a little bit more to raise to finish equipping the hospital but we are close enough that we have officially set a grand-opening date.

Vet-Hospital-1172-smallWe invite everyone to join us on August 18th at 2pm for the grand opening. Witness our ribbing cutting and get the grand tour of the hospital. Although the ribbon cutting and grand tour will only last few a short period of time, we also invite everyone to take a tour of the refuge and visit with the many animals that we will provide on-site health care to, from now on.

On August 20th we will also be having a members-only tour from 1-4 pm. Members will get the option to take a more in-depth tour of the new vet hospital and talk to the staff about any questions they might have.

This building was built specifically to safely transport big cats and perform necessary surgeries on large animals. Most veterinarians don’t have the right sized equipment to handle our animals. Now all the animals at Turpentine Creek will get special health care that is just their size!

Please come out and join us on either August 18th or 20th. An on-site veterinary hospital is safer for the animals, staff, and public. We will be able to quickly transport animals for emergencies, to do blood tests, or even for initial intake quarantines.

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