Goober’s New House

Donated Winter Home

October 10, 2017

Goober, our resident senior Rhesus Macaque Monkey, will be spending this winter living in the lap of luxury in his new heated winter home. Recently, a previous intern, Sara Steinbrecher, donated the funds to purchase and fix up a small portable building to keep Goober warm and comfortable throughout the cooler season.

Winter can be a harsh season for humans and some animals. Tigers, cougars, bobcats, and bears are adapted to the cooler climates and weather. Primates, like humans and Rhesus Macaque Monkeys, and warm climate cats like lions and servals, are not as well adapted for the colder weather. We do our best to provide our less adapted animals warm places to enjoy during the cooler months.

Smaller cats like the servals have heated dens and we provide our lions with plenty of warm bedding or a heated den if one is available. We do have a few full sized heated dens but not enough for all our big cats to enjoy, perhaps one day we will get the funding to heat all our dens.

Until this year, Goober has enjoyed a small heated den during the cooler months. We are really excited to upgrade Goober’s winter home to a spacious heated house. We also plan to decorate the house with a lot of enrichment items so that he can live like a king.

We will be building an overhead walkway for Goober to get from his current habitat to his new heated house. Even during the cooler months he will continue to have access to his habitat but will have the ability to spend as much time as he wants in his new heated home.

We are grateful to Sara for her generous donation. Goober will spend the remainder of his life living in a luxury home custom made especially for him. It is only with your help we can provide the best lives possible for our animal residents. Thank you to everyone who supports us. Click here to donate now and help us make sure all our animals can enjoy the winter in style. 


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