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Lila Tiger Died at the Waccatee Zoo Following Alleged Neglect

March 4, 2021

Lila tiger sparked outcry after photos of her, hairless and weak, were taken at the Waccatee Zoo in 2020. True sanctuaries and other animal welfare organizations could do nothing without the proper agencies stepping in first. Despite a year of filing complaints and providing evidence of neglect to the USDA and animal control authorities in South Carolina, no officials intervened to help her. Now, she’s dead.

Gruesome photos like those shown here were submitted along with accounts that Lila had lost all of her beautiful fur. The strong muscle tone that makes her species such agile hunters was wasting away. This apex predator spent her days pacing back and forth in her cage, alone, cold, and scared. Her eyes were those of a broken soul and damaged spirit that had given up long before her body. Why didn’t anyone help her? 

The zoo alleged the tiger was receiving veterinary care and had no health conditions; her outward appearance told a different story. They also alleged she died peacefully in her sleep. The exact cause of her death may be up for debate, but one thing is certain to those familiar with the case: nothing about lovely Lila’s life was peaceful. We can only hope she felt some comfort that her pain was over as she took her last breath.

Lila lost her fur. Lila lost her strength. Lila lost her life. Lila will not lose her legacy! 

We want you to #GetLoudForLila to save the other animals still trapped at the Waccatee Zoo! Share her story. Say her name. Take action by writing to the zoo’s owner, urging them to rehome the animals to proper facilities that can allow their story to end differently than Lila’s:

Attn: Owner
Waccatee Zoological Farm
8500 Enterprise Rd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Rest in peace, Lila. 

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