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Colorado Project Update

An Update & New Furry Family Members

January 21, 2017

Huggy, Holli and Lolli in their habitat in Colorado.

In September, Turpentine Creek took over a facility in Colorado. The previous owner had health issues and was looking for someone to take over the care of his 100+ animals. Turpentine Creek partnered with Tigers in America to take on the challenge that we dubbed “The Colorado Project.” For four months the Turpentine Creek team, Tigers in America, and many accredited sanctuaries throughout the United States have been working hard to care for and rehome all of the animals that called the Colorado facility home.

Members of the Turpentine Creek team have been very busy since September. Some staff members have temporarily relocated to Colorado to care for the animals living there, some remain in Arkansas to care for the animals that call Turpentine Creek home, and a few have spent the past four months on the road transporting animals to their new homes. It has been a challenge for our team, but we have persevered.

We have rehomed all of the big cats, only four remain at the facility, but they already have a home but still need to be transported there. Although both Tigers in America and Turpentine Creek have searched, we have not been able to find homes for five of the nine bear that called the Colorado facility home. After much debate we have decided that the best thing for the bear is to be relocated to Arkansas, joining the 27 other animals that Turpentine Creek brought from Colorado.

Koda and Xena in their habitat in Colorado.

One challenge that we face is the fact that all of our bear approved habitats are currently full. We have worked hard to prepare temporary housing for the five bear that arrived early Saturday Morning. With the help of our supporters, we hope to have started work on two new habitats that will permanently house our new bear residents. We will be welcoming four Black Bear — Holli, Lolli, Koda Girl, and Xena, as well as one Russian Brown Bear, Huggy. Holli, Lolli, and Huggy are all older and all live together; we plan to keep the trio together. Koda Girl and Xena are still very young, and we plan to keep them together as well.

With your help, we can provide all our new furry family members with amazing new homes before they wake up from their winter nap. Please donate to habitat fund to get the”The Bear Necessities” for our new bear to help us build them new homes.

Building two new habitats that are bear approved is estimated to cost approximately $150,000! We need your help to house our rambunctious sleuth of bear! Donate now and help us help them.

Click Here To Donate to the habitat fund and get our new bear “The Bear Necessities” Now (Donations UNDER $500)

Also, our Colorado Project Partners, Tigers in America, have offered to do a 50% match for all donations above $500. If you are submitting a large donation please visit their website and donate. Make sure to note that the donation is a Matching Donation for Turpentine Creek. Make your donation go further! Donate now!

Click Here To Get Matching Donation for “The Bear Necessities” through Tigers In America ($500 and Above)

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