Habitat Funding

workTurpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge rescues big cats from all over the country. Prior to coming to the Refuge, most of the animals lived in dirty, filthy, inadequate environments. Upon arrival at the Refuge, the new animals go through a period of quarantine for about three weeks. After passing this initial quarantine period, which includes extensive veterinarian examinations, the new arrivals move to the compound. The compound area is made up of large cages which meet all state and federal requirements. Although all regulations are met, the animals deserve better. Turpentine Creek staff members work tirelessly to improve living conditions for all the animals. For 8 years, staff members, interns, and volunteers have built nearly 30 huge natural habitats. These habitats house about 65 percent of the big cats residing at the Refuge. We must keep building habitats for the animals that wait in the compound. The animals in the compound need your donation dollars. Please help with this noble endeavor. Please.


Disclaimer: Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (Turpentine Creek Foundation Inc.) reserves the right to move donated money as needed to provide for the animals in our care and to keep the nonprofit running. Any donations received over and above the budget for the designated fund will be put into the general fund.

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