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Christmas for the Cats

Don’t forget the animals at Turpentine Creek when holiday shopping!

December 21, 2015

Christmas is only days away and most of us, ok… some of us, have all our Christmas shopping done. You bought gifts for your family and friends, and even some of you bought gifts for your pets, but have you bought gifts for the tigers?

TRoulon-57102rue, even if you bought gifts now they most likely wouldn’t be here by December 25th, but that doesn’t matter, animals don’t look at calendars anyway! You can purchase a gift for our animals any time of the year and it will be like Christmas to them!

There are many ways to give gifts to the animals at Turpentine Creek (And the good news is that unlike the PS4 you bought your kids, many of the gifts you give the animals at Turpentine Creek are tax deductible!)

Here are a few ideas on how you can help the animals this holiday season:

You could donate money so that we can finish building the Cat’s Food Bowls, which are safer for the humans and animals alike. We still have over 70 bowls to build and install. We also have to purchase the metal bowls that go into the metal casing that we are having built. We need those and a few backups. Please consider making a Christmas donation that will not only help the animals but keep the staff and interns safer.

Click here to donate and help now. 

You can also purchase items from our Amazon wish list, which will be sent directly to our front door! Click here to see our Amazon Wish List. 

You could purchase a Boomer Ball from Wildlife Toybox, they come in all different shapes and sizes and all the animals would appreciate a new toy for Christmas. Click here to visit Wildlife Toybox’s website and get more information. 

You could adopt or sponsor an animal, this helps them all year round! Click here for more information about our adoption and sponsorship program. 

Donations help the cats most. Not only do we have to feed our animals and make sure they have clean, safe habitats but we have to pay the electric bill, and other necessary bills to keep our facility running. This might not be an item the animals can play with but it is one of the best gifts you can give them, it insures that they have a forever home with us. Click here to donate now and help us provide a forever home for our animals.  

You could visit our online shop and purchase something for yourself, the proceeds go to help the cats so you get something and they get something. To visit our new online store click here.

You could purchase a family membership, the money for visits and memberships goes directly to taking care of the animals. More information about our memberships please click here now.

There are numerous ways to give gifts to the animals here at Turpentine Creek. Please Help Us, Help Them this holiday season. Timing doesn’t matter to the cats, but when you gift before the year is out it helps you and them at the same time!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our supporters!

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