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Christmas At TCWR

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

December 25, 2020

Reminder: We are closed on Christmas Day to allow our team time to enjoy the holiday together.

This year, Christmas might look a little different than we are all used to. Instead of spending the day surrounded by extended family and friends, we are all Zooming and enjoying small household celebrations. Even at Turpentine Creek, our team is celebrating differently; we still are closed for Christmas Day, but instead of a large party, we enjoyed a fun Zoom holiday get-together a few days ago. Our team will not be gathering together this year on Christmas day. It will be a day of rest, reflection, and fun video calls to family.

Our cats will be all snug in their dens, visions of peppermint-scented boxes dancing in their heads. Our team spent some time feeding the animals this morning and making sure that they had plenty of fresh water. Team members will also periodically check on them throughout the day. Caring for big cats is a 365/366 day a year job; even when we close to the public for Christmas, we take a little time to care for the animal residents.

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has given Turpentine Creek gifts this year, from Boomer Ball enrichment, boxes, perfume, and pumpkins, to monetary donations and grants; your support this year has helped Turpentine Creek continue its mission throughout this global pandemic.

After all the gifts have been unwrapped, food eaten, and wrapping paper cleaned up, we hope that you will consider giving one additional gift to Turpentine Creek. A small gift of $10 will help us carry our mission into 2021: a year of hope and new adventures!

Also, for those who are local, if you had a live tree this year, please consider donating it to Turpentine Creek after you have removed all the decorations. The animals LOVE destroying Christmas Trees! It must be a real tree, all decorations removed, and you cannot have used tensile on it.

Thank you for getting us through a year that has been truly like no other. While we might be aware of what’s going on in the world, thanks to you, our animal residents have no idea. All they know is they are loved, happy, and fed. For us, that’s the best present we could ask for.

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