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Big Cat vs Little Cat Habitat

Different Needs for Different Breeds

May 26, 2016 

Izzy-3074At Turpentine Creek, we have two different types of habitats for the cats in our care. When we build habitats we have to make sure that they work best for the animals that will live in them and we also have to follow any local, regional, state, and federal guidelines on habitat construction.

Our big cat habitats and our little cat habitats look very different. The biggest difference between the two, beyond size, is that little cat habitats have tops on them. This is because little cats like to climb and some cats, like the cougars, can jump 18 feet high!

Big cats, on the other hand, are more land bound and, although they still have an amazing jump range, cannot jump as high and are less inclined to climb fences.

Nala-0119So, when designing small cat habitats, we focus on vertical spaces. We give our small cats areas to climb on and places to hide, utilizing vertical space as much as we can. When we build big cat habitats we focus more on giving them space to run, places to sharpen their claws, and plenty of ground toys to pounce on.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our animals enjoy their homes. We want to make sure our animals are safe, the people who work with the animals are safe, and the visitors are safe. Big cats and small cats alike are our priority at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Stop in this summer and see if you can spot a few more of the differences between big cat and little cat habitats. We would love to tell you all about why we make habitats the way we do and how it benefits the animals calling those habitats home.

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