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February 20, 2018

There are thousands of animal lovers across the country advocating for big cats today, and you can too! Join Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in our fight to put a stop to the exotic animal trade and help us help them. 

At TCWR we are always striving to improve on ways to advocate for the big cats, bears, and other exotic animals who have not been fortunate enough to be rescued by an accredited sanctuary. This month we have a new addition to our website, an advocacy page, which will make it easier than ever to become a voice for the big cats!  With an estimated 10-20,000 big cats living in backyards, roadside zoos, circuses, cub petting and breeding operations right now, there is no time to waste!  Act now to help end the exploitation and endless suffering of these innocent wild ones!

Click Here To Change Lives Now

It only takes a minute to fill out our form and click to join the thousands of animal advocates across the country lobbying our representatives to pass HR1818 before the end of 2018.

HR1818 will not only protect the rights of these innocent wild ones, but also protect your family from harm. Many big cats are being kept in unsafe cages in homes and backyards across the United States, with injury or death possible for both humans and the animal as a big cat matures.

What will HR1818 do?  It will force owners of big cats to register their animals, giving us a true count of how many exist in private ownership across the country.  The bill will also end unregulated breeding, which allows the inbreeding currently responsible for many of the genetic defects causing deformities, which can severely impact the animal’s quality of life.   In addition, it will put an end to cub petting, or pay-to-play schemes for money where cubs are taken from their mothers at birth, depriving them of proper nutrition to be roughly handled every day of their often-short lives; once their wild natures make them unsafe to handle at less than three months age they are often abandoned or euthanized.  Lastly, restricting public interaction will greatly help to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by adult big cats.

Why is it vital to pass HR1818?  Let these animals’ stories speak for them: Click Here To Learn More

By ending the unregulated breeding and eventually future private ownership, this bill will help put a stop to the exotic animal trade forever.

With just a few simple clicks you can help save lives and end the endless suffering of thousands of big cats and help protect those still in the wild! Together we can do this!

Click Here To Stop The Abuse of Big Cats Nationwide

Blog Written By Stewardship Intern Sandra Ames

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