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Arkansas Gives 2017 Results

You Did It!

April 10, 2017

Arkansas Gives Day was April 6, 2017. We decided to use this day of giving to replace a crucial piece of our habitat building equipment, our Hydraulic Post Driver, which had finally given up on us after 22 years of hard work. We knew that our fantastic supporters could help us raise $6,000 to replace the post driver since, on Arkansas Gives Day in 2016, we raised $6,212.54.

Shortly after the event began donations began pouring in, we were stunned speechless when we reached our $6,000 goal by 11 AM! Our supporters came out in droves to help us out. We added two smaller goals so that our supporters could continue to help us throughout the day. Our goal went up to $10,000, so that we could also get 6 weedeaters and 1 new welder. We figured these two additional goals would be enough to get us through the day; we were wrong in the best of ways.

Before 4 PM, we had raised not only enough for the weedeaters but also the welder. We had run out of goals for needed equipment. It was recommended by Emily, our animal curator, to set a final stretch goal to raise the money for the expensive powder coated metal for the two new bear night houses. The expense for these two night houses was even bigger than our initial goal. We added the $6,760 to the top of our goal bringing our full day goal up to $16,760, and we waited.

As the clock ticked closer to 8 PM, the end of Arkansas Gives Day, our numbers jumped up. At the very end of the day, we had raised a total of $16,630! That total is without our bonus dollars, which are predicted to be over $1,000, and a few checks that people sent out on Arkansas Gives Day, which have yet to arrive, that means we surpassed even our stretch goal!

Our supporters did amazing things in a single day. They purchased 1 hydraulic post driver, 6 heavy duty weedeaters, 1 welder, and the metal for 2 big bear habitats. In the upcoming weeks, we will have the official ‘grand total’ raised on Arkansas Gives Day. No matter what that finally number ends up being, we are so very thankful to every person who not only donated but shared and supported Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on Arkansas Gives Day and continues to support us every other day of the year. THANK YOU!


UPDATE: Official Arkansas Gives Day Total including Bonus Dollars $17,751

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