April Snow Showers Bring May Flowers

An April Snow Isn’t the Only Surprise in Store for Our Animal Residents

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past year, it’s to expect the unexpected! Our big cats were treated to a Spring snow shower this week. The temperatures were warm enough to keep water dishes unfrozen and doors from being stuck shut, making this a no-fuss treat for all! This wacky weather was especially welcome after the last weather event that blew down two trees in Tigger and Floyd’s habitat and damaged our billboards.

While tigers are typically the most excited for winter-like weather, the lions and bears chose to check it out this time. They must have thought we were gifting them extra enrichment! The day was full of stalking, pouncing, digging, rolling, and sniffing at the chilly flakes.

Some puzzled glances were thrown our way by water-loving tigers, who know this is typically the time of year we start filling up pools. They seemed to think we made a serious error on the enrichment schedule! We’re hoping they’ll forgive us once they realize the special, surprise project we’re working on:

In-ground pools for all!

We will soon begin putting permanent pools in each habitat. This exciting project is something we’ve been working towards for years, with a few habitats already containing one. Now, in celebration of our 29th anniversary helping exotic animals in need, we are making it our goal!

By joining us for our Paws-In-Pools 29th Anniversary Online Auction April 30 – May 2, you can help us with this project while getting your paws on some unique items. All funds raised during this auction can support special summer projects, like our pools, as well as the care of our current animal residents and upcoming rescues.

Bidding opens at 8 AM Friday, April 30, and ends May 2 at 8 PM. You can get a sneak peek at our inventory here, where new items are being added almost daily. A simple way to paw-ticipate in the meantime is by going to our Facebook event, clicking “interested,” and inviting someone you know who may be interested.

There have been lots of paws in snowfall this year, but we’re excited to see some paws in pools!

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