Veterinary Hospital Equipment Update

Time Has Come To Equip the Veterinary Hospital

Vet Equipment Update

April 25, 2016

The veterinary hospital building is in the final stages before we receive the “keys”. All major construction is completed and now we are just making sure that everything is exactly how we want it. Soon, we will be able to do on-site health care for the animals at the refuge!

The vet hospital project began two years ago! Slow, steady work and wonderful supporters have made this dream a reality for us. We raised the initial $305,764 to build the vet hospital quickly. We were overwhelmed at how generous our supporters were.

Vet Hospital-1172-small

We took the time, two years ago, to also create an equipment list. This list was created from the advice of our current Veterinarian and research we had conducted. We priced every piece of equipment that we could think of and created a secondary goal from that list, the Equipment Fund.

It has taken us a bit longer to raise the funds for the equipment but we have seen steady progress. We have also continued to discuss our vet hospital with other facilities such as zoos, sanctuaries, and veterinary colleges, learning more and more about the equipment we might need on-site for the animals in our care.

103VetFor two years, our equipment list has sat, waiting for the day we could purchase all the items to fill our vet hospital. A few weeks ago that day had finally come, our animal care staff was excited to begin purchasing some of the items, it was like Christmas morning! But as soon as we went to purchase the items that we had raised funds for we noticed something… some of the prices had changed over the years! Inflation had struck!

So, we had to take the time to go over the list, updating prices and fixing our final goal amount, which is now $165,767. We also to the opportunity to add a few items that other facilities had advised us would be useful when working with large exotic animals like ours. We now have a complete, up-to-date, and final equipment list. We have already begun purchasing items, with the $103,494 that has already been raised, so that prices don’t change on us again.

We want to make a final push and get all the funds soon so that we can purchase all of our needed equipment at the current price, and be able to use our vet hospital as soon as possible!

Thank you to all our amazing supporters who have helped us raise the $103,494 so far. Our new Goal amount is $165,767. We only need to raise $62,276 to finish equipping the vet hospital! Help us, help them get the best available medical attention possible. Thank you!

Click here to donate to the veterinary hospital fund now and help us reach our goal. 

Equipment still needed

Equipment                          Cost

  • Safe                             $150.00
  • Computer                    $1,000.00
  • Pullout Couch              $400.00
  • Large Cap. Washer     $719.00
  • Large Cap. Dryer         $719.00
  • UA Analyzer                $1,000.00
  • Refractometer              $43.00
  • Microscope                 $340.00
  • Refrigerator/Freezer  $1,260.00
  • shelving units (2)        $200.00
  • heavy duty clippers     $365.00
  • surgical pack               $580.00
  • surgery table               $16,000.00
  • squeeze/roll cage       $16,000.00
  • CBC blood machine     $23,500.00

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