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June 7, 2016

Thor-1639Donna, Pebbles, and Thor have been moved down to Rescue Ridge! We have been working on a project all winter, updating and improving our habitats. It is finally time to update the ‘backyard’ habitats, by the Siberian Suite, Bengal Suite, Tree House, and RV/Tent spots.

After a lot of deliberation, we have decided to move our favorite older ladies and beautiful king of Turpentine, down to rescue ridge. Construction can be very stressful on big cats, especially older big cats. We made the best choice for the animals we work with. Donna, Pebbles, and Thor will be happier down at Rescue Ridge during construction. They will have lots of space to explore and plenty of friends to talk to.

Donna_move-4385Once construction is completed animals will return to the backyard habitats. Until then there are still plenty of animals to see for our overnight guests. You can still sit out on your front porch and watch Lucci and Wyoming lions or Flip our Coati. We invite all our lodging guests to take multiple tours of Turpentine Creek during your stay to see all the amazing animals that we take care of.

Moving Donna and Pebbles was a bit of a challenge. How their habitats were originally constructed, we had to transfer the girls over to Thor’s habitat (after he had been moved already) and then take them out through Thor’s door.

We built a temporary, yet sturdy, transfer tunnel to help get Donna and Pebbles to Thor’s old habitat. Both girls loved exploring Thor’s old habitat once they got there. Donna easily loaded into our transfer cage. The trip down to Rescue Ridge was a breeze and she loves the shaded area down in Rescue Ridge.

pebbles_move-4348Pebbles was not to fond of the cage and it took a lot longer to get her moved down to Rescue Ridge.

Thor, Donna, and Pebbles are all settling in well down at Rescue Ridge.

This is only a temporary change and we will do our best to keep you up to date on the progress of construction. Stop in and visit Turpentine to see all the wonderful upgrades and improvements that we have been working on!

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