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Surgery – Bad Declaw Fix

First Surgery Performed at new Veterinary Hospital

Sept. 1, 2016

Izzy during surgery

On August 24th, TCWR preformed our first ever surgery using the new Jackson Memorial Veterinary Hospital. Our first patient, Izzy tiger, needed surgery on her front left paw to help fix a bad declaw. We live streamed the surgery to all our Facebook followers and plan to continue doing so for upcoming surgeries and other events that happen at Turpentine Creek.

The surgery went well, Izzy had claw fragments, claw sheaths, and a deformed bone removed from three of her toes. Although the surgery took longer than expected, it went well and after two hours our veterinarian was finished.

We were excited to test out all the new equipment our gracious supporters helped us purchase. We even used our new scale to find out that Izzy weighed 271 pounds! And she is one of the smaller sized tigers at our refuge. We also utilized the IDEXX blood machine to test her blood, her blood test came back clean and let us know that other than her paw she was perfectly healthy.

Izzy has spent the last few days recovering in her night house. We made sure she had antibiotics and pain medicine to keep infections and pain away. After a week she is eager to get back out and play in her habitat. Soon she will be running around in the grass like a cub again.

Izzy 1 week after surgery

The local media was just as excited about our vet hospital grand opening and first surgery as we were. Media outlets covered both events and we were happy to answer any questions they had. Both the grand opening and the first surgeries were milestones in the history of Turpentine Creek.

We thank all our supporters for helping us reach this goal and look forward to a bright future with your continued support.

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