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So Mulch To Talk About

Warm Furry Friends

February 5, 2018 

Bosco enjoying the mulch pile in his night house on a cool winter day.

When winter temperatures plummet at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge we become innovative in ways to keep our animals warm. While a few of our residents such as the bobcats, cougars and black bears are native to the Ozarks, many are not, leaving them ill-equipped to face the winter months.

A key way we work to keep them warm is to ensure that they have enough insulation in their dens; we do this using mulch. Mulch offers more benefits than simply acting as an insulator, it also provides cushioning between the floor of their night house and their paws, which helps prevent chapping. In addition, mulch has a great smell.  The cedar and other woods emit a fresh woodsy scent that many animals enjoy; some can be found luxuriously rolling in a freshly laid pile! Every other day, animal care staff replace it to ensure it is kept clean, dry, and continues to have that wonderful aroma.

Even better, one of our dreams is to have heated floors in all the dens, which would truly help to increase our non-native animals’ comfort.  Together we can make this happen – please help us do this for them by donating today!

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