Say Ahhhh… Veterinary Expenses at the Refuge

MEDSThe care of over 100 big cats is a 7 day/week, 365 day/year endeavor and includes looking after healthy cats as well as a significant amount of geriatric animals. This care includes cleaning and maintaining exhibits, assuring proper nutrition and providing enrichment and psychological stimulus for the animals, but just like with domestic pets, veterinary care is a vital part of keeping our cats happy and healthy. There is of course preventive care done on a regular schedule such as de-worming for internal parasites ($4/dose), control of external parasites through pest control and administering vaccinations (about $8/dose).

Being a rescue facility, many of our cats come in with existing conditions which require daily medications and supplements, including enzymes, thyroid medication, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory medications and other vitamins and supplements, including Vitamin B, glucosamine/chondrotin or cod liver oil. We have been very fortunate to currently have some of these donated such as enzymes from National Enzyme Company and glucosamine/chondrotin from Carlson Labs, but with so many animals and such large doses required, the expense for the other medications adds up quickly.

In addition to these regular preventative treatments, with so many animals there are inevitably other illnesses and emergencies that are also addressed. This includes administering antibiotics, running blood work or urinalysis, taking x-rays or in some cases surgery if necessary. All these expenses have added up to close to $20,000 in vet and medication bills this year so far.

To help us keep our cats healthy, please donate to the refuge today.

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