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Rescue Report: Bobby Bobcat

Rescue Report: Bobby Bobcat

February 4, 2016

Our newest rescue, Bobby Bobcat, is finally beginning to settle in here at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. The 17-year-old Bobcat is blind, but in good health for his age.

Bobby Bobcat Peaking out of his new den at TCWR

Bobby comes to us from Ohio. Recently, Ohio changed their laws to prohibit the ownership of dangerous animals without a special permit. Bobby was one of many animals that were willingly relinquished to state officials upon the law passing in 2012. Some Bobcat owners have argued against the law since it did not officially list Bobcats as restricted animals, although it did list all their lynx cousins. The courts have ruled, for now, that bobcats can be kept as pets.

Bobby’s owners relinquished him to Ohio officials when they decided to move. We know very little about his living conditions prior to the Ohio authorities taking possession of him, although we were informed that he lived in a 10×10 enclosure in someone’s backyard and at one time, another bobcat shared his enclosure.

Bobby is an intact male bobcat that has all his claws. The Ohio Veterinarian did a full checkup and even trimmed his claws before they let us take over his care, although they did not give Bobby his vaccinations so we will have to take him to visit our vet soon.

Bobby is blind, although he appears to see something, possibly shadows. When we took over his care, he was 22lbs and his tests came back normal for an animal his age. He was quarantined in the Ohio facility so we were able to move him directly into a habitat after he recovered from the 14hr drive to Turpentine Creek.

Bobby will be sharing Bowden’s habitat, alternating days that each animal uses the grassy space, once he has settled in. Bobby is currently spending time getting to know his night house and new den. The den is heated so the older bobcat will not need to worry about cold Arkansas nights.

Bobby is a wonderful addition to the Turpentine Creek family. We know that with time he will grow confident and comfortable in our presence and soon he will be exploring and enjoying his new habitat.

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