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Remington and Luna Update

Settling In and Wellness Exam

March 5, 2020

Remington and Luna were rescued by Turpentine Creek and PETA arriving at their forever home on January 16th, after three years of waiting in legal limbo. These beautiful tigers spent the first few months of their lives being forced to swim with people for money.

The dynamic duo has spent the last month exploring their habitat, learning the new daily routine, and being spoiled with plenty of treats and fun enrichment. The team reports that both Remington and Luna are thriving here at the Refuge.

Luna loves to say hi to visitors, especially children, stalking and chuffing happily as they pass by. She also has a fascination with her new bear neighbor, Thunder, who she will stalk every chance she gets, spending large portions of her day at the top of the habitat where she can observe him. She enjoys her provided enrichment but also likes to find her own enrichment through sticks, which are plentiful in her tree-filled habitat.

Remington is a big fan of treats and meals. He makes sure to never miss one and will come running as soon as he hears the truck that brings him dinner. He also enjoys enrichment and taking naps on his new bench.

Both Remington and Luna have a clean bill of health, are fully up on their vaccinations, and are eating well. Our Animal Curator, Emily, has been closely observing the pair and is still hopeful that we might be able to introduce them eventually.

On Sunday, the animal care team took Remington down to our on-site veterinary hospital for a checkup and to neuter him, the first necessary step if we ever want to attempt an introduction.

The neutering went well and gave us the opportunity to do a full wellness exam on Remington. Overall, he is a very healthy male white tiger. As he heals from the surgery he will be confined in his night house. This allows us to keep a closer eye on his surgical site for infection and make sure he has a clean area away from dirt during his healing process. After about a week, he will be let back into his habitat.

We are excited to have Remington and Luna here with us, where they will finally get the chance to be real tigers and enjoy their own little piece of freedom. It is only with your help we can continue to provide a lifetime of care for animals like Remington and Luna.

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