Rasha and Nia

New Turpentine Creek Family Members – Rasha and Nia

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge staff members picked up two cougars about an hour south of St. Louis, Missouri, on March 29. This was at least the second place Nia and Rasha called home. The current owners got the two cougars from a couple of guys who were going to have them euthanised for being cougars. The current owners wanted to “save” them so they brought them home. After keeping Nia and Rasha for years, the Man said,” I just do not have the time to care for them any longer. My girlfriend has heart problems and is very ill.” Tanya Smith, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge President, has been in contact with the private owners for several weeks after receiving an email plea for help. Nia (male cougar) and Rasha (female cougar) were still in tact. A visit from the vet took care of neuterung Nia and spaying Rasha since we are not a breeding facility.

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