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New Den Buildings

Flip and Servals New Night Houses

January 23, 2018

Turpentine Creek has been making some changes this winter. Late last year, we completed work a new heated building for Goober to spend cold winter days. Shortly after the completion of his building we purchased two more prefab buildings. Those buildings are currently being fixed up to provide large, heated night house dens for our servals and Flip, our coatimundi. We are proud to say that both buildings are only days away from completion!

Flip and the servals have been very curious about all the construction happening right next to their habitats. Our team has already installed the access doors that will lead from the habitat to the two buildings. Only a few last modifications are needed in Flips to make it Coatimundi friendly. The servals building needs a little more work but it is only a few days behind Flip’s. We hope in the next week or two to be able to give all of them access to their new homes!

Both coatimundis and servals are warm-climate animals. We currently provide them with small heated dens but these new buildings will give them larger areas to enjoy during cold days or just days they feel like being inside. The dens will be accessible throughout the year with heating in the winter. There are air vents and windows to provide ventilation and cooler air circulation during the summer.

We do our best to provide habitats and dens that fit the animals that live in them. We are appreciative to our supporters who have helped us make it possible to provide these special dens for our warm-climate animals. We are always striving to give our animals the best lives possible. It is only through your help that we can continue to provide for the animals in our care, please donate today to help us continue our mission. With your help, we can continue to rescue animals in need.

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