Making a Difference in 2018

Counting Down Until 2019

December 27, 2018

The countdown to 2019 has begun in earnest. With only four days left of this year, we are already looking forward to the adventure that awaits us in the coming new year. Despite how eager we might be to jump into 2019, we still have a lot of work to do these last few days of 2018. We still have animals to care for, visitors to educate, and bills to pay. We hope that these last few days are filled with pleasant weather, great supporters, and plenty of happy tiger chuffs.

Now is the time to get your last minute tax-deductible donations sent. To have your donations count towards your 2018 taxes, make sure you have your checks mailed out or your digital donations submitted by December 31, 2018. All non-membership donations are 100% tax-deductible, and 100% of donations go towards the care of the animals that call Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge home. Every donation made helps the animal residents, no matter how big or small.

Some examples of how far your donation can go are:

  • $7 – Provides a week’s worth of supplements for an animal
  • $25 – Covers routine bloodwork to diagnose health problems for a single animal
  • $50 – Covers annual vaccinations for one animal
  • $110 – Is the cost of a cylinder enrichment toy
  • $130 – Is the cost of a 20″ boomer ball
  • $250 – Provides a day’s worth of special diets for all animal residents
  • $335 – Is the cost of a “Ball in a ball” boomer ball
  • $1,200 – Is the budget for a year of basic animal enrichment supplies

Although we are in need of general donations, you also have the option of putting your end of the year tax-deductible donation towards one of our programs, such as adoptions or sponsorships. If you opt-out of memberships, adoptions, and sponsorships are also 100% tax-deductible. Now is the time to purchase an adoption, as of January 1, 2019, adoption pricing will rise to $150 per animal no matter the species and will no longer include an annual membership pass. Although animals can only be sponsored by one person at any time, any number of individuals can symbolically adopt an animal. Some animals have a lot of adopters, but a few only have one. You can ring in the new year with a new symbolically adopted furry family member!

Animals with only one adopter:

  • Holli – Black Bear
  • Harley – Black Bear
  • Jasmine – Tiger
  • Sadie – Tiger
  • Ty – Tiger
  • Shakira – Liger

The Turpentine Creek Wildlife team would like to thank all our supporters for making 2018 a fantastic year. Without your support and donations, we would not be able to continue our mission, click here to donate today. We hope that the end of 2018 is wonderful and that you have a purrfect 2019.

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