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July 7, 2017

For the past year, Turpentine Creek has been working to find a way to bring the big cats to you. No, not by loading up a lion and traveling across the country to your front doorstep, but by getting the technology to make our animals accessible from anywhere around the world. We aren’t just talking about great videos that were recorded days ago; we are talking about LIVE video of your favorite animals!

Getting live video is not an easy, or quick, process. The first step, which we took over a year ago, was to get internet access all over our property. We couldn’t just go out and sign up for a plan. We had NO cable network at the refuge, it had to be completely installed, poles were dug, electricity was run, fiber optic cables were buried, and a lot of trees were trimmed. Once that was completed we had to learn about the type of internet system we had (apparently there are different types!) and of course, make sure it worked the way we needed it to.

Beyond just getting the internet up and running, we had to find the proper equipment for live video streaming. You might have noticed the random live videos that have been accessible on Facebook over the last year. This is definitely a learning process, and a lot of trial and error has gone into getting equipment. We started out using cellphones, but the quality and abilities were not enough to do what we wanted, so we started researching technology. We are still working on this step, but we are getting VERY close to finding exactly what we need to provide our supporters with amazing live video access.

Live stream video is not available yet, but we hope in the upcoming weeks there will be more tests and soon we will be able to do prescheduled weekly live video, stream more veterinary procedures, and of course stream enrichment engagement on a more regular basis. We are starting small with only one portable streaming system, but we hope to eventually provide more access, possibly even some stationary cameras that will allow you to watch your favorite animal habitat at any time of the day.

We are dedicated to providing our supporters with the best experience possible. For once we are asking our supporters to Help Us, Help YOU. Getting live video running is not a cheap endeavor, please donate to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge so that we can get the equipment needed to purchase the stationary IP cameras, software, encoders, and other equipment needed to stream live video to you.

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Watch our social media for the announcement when Live Video Streaming will be available. Coming soon!

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