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Letter From The President – Happy New Year!

Happy 2015! The New Year is bringing amazing new changes to improve the care we are able to provide our rescued friends at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

We continue to fundraise for our on-site veterinary hospital. Our groundbreaking is scheduled for February 21st at 1 p.m., so please come join us. We are counting on the weather to be good, but of course we never know what winter will bring our way!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to this project so far. Please consider a 2015 donation to help us make this dream a reality. Through your generosity we are two-thirds of the way to our goal!

You might check with your company to see if they offer matching funds for projects like this that support your favorite cause. Some companies do, and that will stretch your donation even further.

Our team has been extremely busy. Not only have we been tearing down the oldest cages in the main compound area, we are also currently rebuilding many of our older large habitats.



When I look at the pictures, I see why this is necessary. Those enclosures with the shorter fence have worked for many years, with most of the animals in these areas having special needs – they’re lame, blind, deaf, or other difficulties – so they aren’t too active. But future, younger cats will be.

The USDA is now requesting all open top enclosures be at least 12-ft. tall, with a 3-ft. re-curve or jump guard, or else it has to be 16-ft. if it’s straight up. And I can tell you that building new is much easier than rebuilding old.

Due to the location of these enclosures, maneuvering around adjacent habitats on these rugged Ozark hillsides while trying not to disturb the current lions, tigers and bear who reside in those areas, makes for some interesting situations.

I continue to be proud of each and every human being who gives their time, energy and lives to make a difference here. Once these projects are complete, our goal will be to fundraise and build a new entrance area, education area, multi-purpose room, café’, and gift shop. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we keep on steppin’.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge for the future. The past 22+ years have made me realize that our job isn’t going to go away. TCWR continues to maintain over 100 Big Cats here, and there are always new rescues.

With our GFAS verification, our association with IFAW and other facilities worldwide, we continue to see the mind-boggling need for animals needing rescue. You can be proud to know that 100% of your donations to TCWR go directly to help the animals. Our team raises the funds necessary for all salaries, plus all expenses through being open to the public, lodging, gift shop, etc. You designate where your donation dollars go. Choose one of our programs and give today.

Come see all the changes this year. I know you will be amazed. THANK YOU!

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