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Keeping It Pawsitive

Finding The Good In Each Day

March 25, 2020

Every day, at the end of our workday, our animal care team goes around and talks about their daily pawsitive. They each share one thing that happened during the day that made them smile, laugh, cry tears of joy, or just helped them make a bad day great. Some days this is easy to do, others it can take a little extra effort to find a positive through tears of sorrow, but every single day they share that pawsitive no matter how big or small it might be.

Right now, we feel that everyone needs a little pawsitive in their lives. We encourage our supporters to spend each day searching for that pawsitive and then sharing it on social media, sticky notes, phone calls, or whatever media you wish, with your friends and family. When you look for that pawsitive, spend each day waiting and wanting that, it can help make even the most difficult days just a little brighter.

Now, most of the time, our pawsitives revolve around our big cats “Daniel played with the enrichment I made” “Abigail chuffed at me” “Selbit grumbled and rolled over when I said hello” but they can be other things too “Today I got to spend a little extra time talking to my best friend” “My cat Gizmo gave me headbuts when I was feeling a little lonely” “I found a beautiful rock that just sparkled so brightly in the sunshine”. Your pawsitive is your own and can be a range of things that make you happy.

We hope that you will join us in our daily pawsitives, and perhaps even share your pawsitive with us through social media; we would love to hear them! Pawsitives don’t have to be about Turpentine Creek to share them, they can be about your kids, pets, house, rocks, you name it, if it makes you smile we want to hear about it!

We will continue to bring you fun, engaging, enriching content while we are temporarily closed to the public. We hope that with this, we can make your day a little more fun and positive. Please consider helping us through this financial hardship by donating the cost of admission, $25, so that we can keep providing our animals the best care possible.

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