How to select the best dog harness

In April of 2023, Turpentine Creek rescued a tiger cub named Fred, who entered our Witness Protection Program due to an ongoing investigation. The cub was among the first to be seized by USFW officials for violating the Big Cat Public Safety Act of 2022. He had been privately owned and physically abused by his owner, who would later be charged in one of the largest operations in Arkansas history known as Operation Early Harvest. Over 60 individuals were charged with 56 felonies and 54 misdemeanors. When Fred arrived at the Refuge, he wore a tight dog harness constricting his body. TCWR does not support the private ownership of exotic animals. But we do support the proper care for domestic animals. Here are some quick tips on how to select the best dog harness.

What to consider?

When selecting a dog harness, there are a few things to consider. First is comfort and safety.  A properly fitted harness will be comfortable for the dog to wear without putting pressure on their neck and chest. If the harness is putting pressure on this area, it can create health issues such as hotspots and brushing of the trachea. The harness should fit well enough so that you can maintain control and so that the dog cannot escape the harness. The next thing to consider is selecting the harness based on the activity you are doing with your dog. For example, if you want to use the harness as a training aid, select one with a front clip or head halter to prevent pulling. Other harnesses, like hiking and scaling uneven terrain, are designed for outdoor adventures. If you have a dog with special needs, such as seniors, puppies, or those with mobility issues, you may need to find a harness with specific support features. 

When selecting a dog harness, consider factors such as your dog’s size, breed, behavior, and any specific needs or preferences they may have. Observing your dog’s behavior and comfort level while wearing the harness is essential to determine if any adjustments are needed

Here are the Top Rated Dog Harnesses of 2024 from the NY Times.

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